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Upcoming holidays


01-Apr-15  Sudan  Suspended service due to riots and unrest due to Government cuts
01-Apr-15    All PO BOX addresses must have a telephone number in order to obtain a full physical address
01-Apr-15  Toronto  severe weather warning, please expect delays on deliveries to the Toronto area
01-Apr-15  Canada  Please note all specials are subject to delays due to new customs regulation reforms please call customer services for time critical
01-Apr-15  Cyprus  Eoka Day
01-Apr-15  Norway  Bank Holiday
01-Apr-15  India  Odisha Day
01-Apr-15  Uruguay  Bank Holiday
02-Apr-15  Philippines  National Holiday
02-Apr-15  Iran  National Day
02-Apr-15  Denmark  Maundy Thursday
02-Apr-15  Finland  Bank Holiday
02-Apr-15  Iceland  Bank Holiday
02-Apr-15  Norway  Maundy Thursday
02-Apr-15  Spain  Maundy Thursday
02-Apr-15  Sweden  Bank Holiday
02-Apr-15  Argentina  Malvinas Day
03-Apr-15  Australia  National Holiday
03-Apr-15  New Zealand  National Holiday
03-Apr-15  Hong Kong  National Holiday
03-Apr-15  Singapore  National Holiday
03-Apr-15  Philippines  National Holiday
03-Apr-15  Indonesia  National Holiday
03-Apr-15  Taiwan  National Holiday
03-Apr-15  UK  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Bangladesh  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  India  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Lebanon  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Malta  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Sri Lanka  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Austria  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Denmark  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Finland  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  France  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Iceland  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Ireland  Bank Holiday
03-Apr-15  Norway  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Portugal  Sexta-Feira Santa
03-Apr-15  Spain  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Sweden  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Switzerland  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Netherlands  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  UK  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Germany  Karfreitag
03-Apr-15  Jersey  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Guernsey  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Isle Of Man  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Gibraltar  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  South Africa  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Hong Kong  Good Friday
03-Apr-15  Taiwan  National Holiday
04-Apr-15  Australia  National Holiday
04-Apr-15  New Zealand  National Holiday
04-Apr-15  Hong Kong  National Holiday
04-Apr-15  Philippines  National Holiday
04-Apr-15  Taiwan  National Holiday
04-Apr-15  Hong Kong  Easter Holiday
04-Apr-15  Taiwan  National Holiday
04-Apr-15  Israel  Pesach
05-Apr-15  Australia  National Holiday
05-Apr-15  New Zealand  National Holiday
05-Apr-15  Hong Kong  National Holiday
05-Apr-15  Philippines  National Holiday
05-Apr-15  Taiwan  National Holiday
05-Apr-15  Bangladesh  Easter Sunday
05-Apr-15  Jordan  Easter Sunday
05-Apr-15  Syria  Easter Sunday
05-Apr-15  Denmark  Easter Sunday
05-Apr-15  Finland  Easter Sunday
05-Apr-15  Iceland  Easter Sunday
05-Apr-15  Italy  Easter Sunday
05-Apr-15  Norway  Easter Sunday
05-Apr-15  Poland  Easter Sunday
05-Apr-15  Portugal  Pascoa - Easter Sunday
05-Apr-15  Sweden  Paskdagen - Easter Sunday
05-Apr-15  Netherlands  Easter Sunday
05-Apr-15  Germany  Ostersonntag - Easter Sunday
06-Apr-15  Ireland  Easter Monday - National Holiday
06-Apr-15  Northern Ireland  Easter Monday - National Holiday
06-Apr-15  Australia  National Holiday
06-Apr-15  New Zealand  National Holiday
06-Apr-15  Hong Kong  National Holiday
06-Apr-15  Thailand  National Holiday
06-Apr-15  Taiwan  National Holiday
06-Apr-15  UK  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Bangladesh  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Lebanon  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Malta  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Sri Lanka  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Austria  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Belgium  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Czech Republic  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Denmark  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Finland  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  France  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Iceland  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Ireland  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Italy  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Norway  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Jersey  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Guernsey  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Isle Of Man  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Gibraltar  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Poland  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Spain  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Sweden  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Switzerland  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Netherlands  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  UK  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Germany  Ostermontag - Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  South Africa  Easter Monday
06-Apr-15  Hong Kong  Ching Ming Festival
06-Apr-15  Taiwan  Tomb Sweeping Day
06-Apr-15  Thailand  Chakri Day
07-Apr-15  Ireland  Easter Tuesday - National Holiday
07-Apr-15  Northern Ireland  Easter Tuesday - National Holiday
07-Apr-15  Ireland  Easter Tuesday - National Holiday
07-Apr-15  Hong Kong  National Holiday
07-Apr-15  Hong Kong  Easter holiday Festival