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Upcoming holidays


21-Oct-14  Sudan  Suspended service due to riots and unrest due to Government cuts
21-Oct-14    All PO BOX addresses must have a telephone number in order to obtain a full physical address
21-Oct-14  France  Please call Customer Services for specials outside of Paris due to a Air France pilots strike untill the 30/9/14
22-Oct-14  Singapore  National Holiday
22-Oct-14  Malaysia  National Holiday
23-Oct-14  Thailand  National Holiday
24-Oct-14  India  National holiday
24-Oct-14  Sri Lanka  National holiday
25-Oct-14  Malaysia  National holiday
25-Oct-14  Indonesia  National holidays
25-Oct-14  Myanmar  National holiday
25-Oct-14  India  National holiday
25-Oct-14  United Arab Emirates  National holiday
26-Oct-14  Monaco  NATIONAL HOLIDAY
27-Oct-14  Ireland  NATIONAL HOLIDAY
27-Oct-14  New Zealand  National Holiday