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Upcoming holidays


22-Apr-18  UK  Max L 120cm, Max girth/length combination 300cm. So 2xW + 2xH + 1L = less 3.0m. max weight 30kg per piece oversize surcharge 45.00gbp per item
22-Apr-18  Sudan  Suspended service due to riots and unrest due to Government cuts
22-Apr-18    All PO BOX addresses must have a telephone number in order to obtain a full physical address
22-Apr-18  Canada  Please note all specials are subject to delays due to new customs regulation reforms please call customer services for time critical
22-Apr-18    Please note any items leaving the eu need a full description of contents on a commercial invoice, itemised and individual values.
22-Apr-18  Buenos Aires  Please note all documents over 5kg should be declared as printed matter with a value
22-Apr-18    Please provide a telephone number for the recipient, This is mandatory to certain countries.
22-Apr-18  India  All consignments that are non docs require the consignees email address, so clearance docs can be emailed prior to arrival of goods.
22-Apr-18  India  PLEASE NOTE: Maps are a Prohibited item and will not be cleared for entry by Customs
22-Apr-18  Qatar  Service disruptions to Qatar due to ongoing dispute in the region, please expect delays
22-Apr-18  Tajikistan  EMBARGO, no deliveries to this country
22-Apr-18  Japan  All non document shipments must have the invoice printed and signed on company headed paper.
22-Apr-18  China  All Shipments to China must have a direct contact number for the consignee
22-Apr-18  United Arab Emirates  All UAE destination bookings must have direct consignee contact numbers
22-Apr-18  Mauritius  CYCLONE CLASS 3 WEATHER ALERT - No deliveries can be guaranteed until further notice
22-Apr-18  UK  Major delays caused by bad weather please call customer services for anything urgent
22-Apr-18  Ireland  please expect major delays caused by bad weather, please call customer services for any urgent deliveries.
22-Apr-18  Northern Ireland  Please expect delays caused by bad weather please call customer services for any urgent packages
22-Apr-18  USA  Major Disruptions to flights to the USA due to adverse weather. Please call for updates
23-Apr-18  Turkey  National Sovereignity Day
23-Apr-18  Cyprus  REGIONAL:NORTH - Childrens Day
23-Apr-18  Spain  Community Day
23-Apr-18  Falkland Islands  Queens Birthday Holiday
23-Apr-18  Turkey  National Sovereignty Day
24-Apr-18  Niger  Concord Day
24-Apr-18  Armenia  Rememberence Day
25-Apr-18  Egypt  Sinai's Liberation Day
25-Apr-18  Australia  Anzac Day
25-Apr-18  Cocos Island  Anzac Day
25-Apr-18  Vietnam  Gio to Hung Vuong Day
25-Apr-18  Cook Islands  Anzac Day
25-Apr-18  Tonga Islands  Anzac Day
25-Apr-18  Swaziland  National Flag Day
25-Apr-18  Bhutan  Zhabdrung Kuchhoe
25-Apr-18  Egypt  Sinai Liberation Day
25-Apr-18  Portugal  Liberation Day
25-Apr-18  New Zealand  Anzac Day
25-Apr-18  Italy  Liberation Day
26-Apr-18  Tanzania  Union Day
27-Apr-18  Aruba  Kings Birthday
27-Apr-18  St. Maarten  Kings Birthday
27-Apr-18  Curacao  Kings Birthday
27-Apr-18  Bonaire  Kings Birthday
27-Apr-18  Netherlands  Kings Birthday
27-Apr-18  Togo  Independence Day
27-Apr-18  Sierra Leone  Independence Day
27-Apr-18  Faroe Islands  Prayer Day
27-Apr-18  Greenland  Prayer Day
27-Apr-18  Slovenia  Resistance Day
27-Apr-18  Denmark  Great Prayer Day
27-Apr-18  South Africa  Freedom Day
28-Apr-18  Barbados  National Heroes Day
28-Apr-18  Afganistan  Victory Day