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Upcoming holidays


20-Apr-14  Sudan  Suspended service due to riots and unrest due to Government cuts
20-Apr-14  USA  Please expect possible delays due to expected winter storms
20-Apr-14  Australia  Easter Sunday
20-Apr-14  Hong Kong  Easter Sunday
20-Apr-14  Philippines  Easter Sunday
20-Apr-14  Kazakhstan Republic Of  Please call Transworld for information on out of area deliveries
20-Apr-14  Italy  National Holiday
20-Apr-14  Israel  Please note this area is working half days only during 14th - 21th please expect possible delays
21-Apr-14  Australia  Easter holiday
21-Apr-14  Hong Kong  Easter Monday
21-Apr-14  Italy  National Holiday
21-Apr-14  Ireland  National holiday
21-Apr-14  Jersey  National holiday
21-Apr-14  Guernsey  NATIONAL HOLIDAY
21-Apr-14  UK  National holiday
21-Apr-14  UK  National Holiday
21-Apr-14  Russia  National Holiday
21-Apr-14  South Africa  National Holiday
21-Apr-14  Netherlands  National holiday
21-Apr-14  France  National holiday
21-Apr-14  Germany  National holiday
21-Apr-14  South Africa  National holiday
21-Apr-14  Spain  National holiday
21-Apr-14    No standard collections or deliveries for specials please call 0207 231 3131
21-Apr-14  Sweden  National holiday
25-Apr-14  Australia  National Holiday
25-Apr-14  Italy  National holiday