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Upcoming holidays


31-Jul-15  Sudan  Suspended service due to riots and unrest due to Government cuts
31-Jul-15    All PO BOX addresses must have a telephone number in order to obtain a full physical address
31-Jul-15  Toronto  severe weather warning, please expect delays on deliveries to the Toronto area
31-Jul-15  Canada  Please note all specials are subject to delays due to new customs regulation reforms please call customer services for time critical
31-Jul-15    Please note any items leaving the eu need a full description of contents on a commercial invoice, itemised and individual values.
31-Jul-15  Thailand  National holiday
01-Aug-15  Switzerland  National Holiday
01-Aug-15  Barbados  Emancipation Day
03-Aug-15  Ireland  National holiday
03-Aug-15  Iceland  National Holiday
03-Aug-15  Bahamas  Emancipation Day
03-Aug-15  Barbados  Kadooment Day
03-Aug-15  Iceland  Commerce Day
03-Aug-15  Ireland  Bank Holiday
03-Aug-15  Zambia  Public Holiday
04-Aug-15  El Salvador  Fiesta Patronales Holiday
05-Aug-15  Croatia  Thanksgiving Day
05-Aug-15  El Salvador  Fiestas Patronales Holiday
06-Aug-15  Bolivia  Independence Day
06-Aug-15  El Salvador  Fiestas Patronales Holiday
06-Aug-15  Jamaica  Independence Day